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I recently sent out a mailing to about 40 homeowners in Destin Florida.  One method of securing new listings is to contact owners by mail to see if they may be interested in selling. It may sound old-school, but a variety of marketing is helpful to stand out in this overloaded age of internet. Anyway, to make my letters attract more attention, I thought it would be “sweet” to insert a small chocolate bar into each one.  You know those pint-sized Hershey’s bars? I normally have a big bowl of them on the reception desk at my office, so this brilliant idea just popped into my head as I was walking by.  Brilliant until…

I got the mean letter a week letter.  Apparently, the post office doesn’t treat kindly small non-flat objects placed into letter-sized envelopes!  The letter I received was from one of the Destin owners to whom I sent a candy bar. Apparently, she had to pay for it! There was postage due of $2.41 and she inserted the notice into the letter to me with a note stating she wasn’t interested in selling and it had been “expensive” to receive my letter. Of course, I felt horrible.  I was mortified that my small gesture of goodwill had back-fired.  Since she had taken the time to send me this letter, I wondered how many others also got a “postage due” notice and were silently swearing at me as they traveled back from the post office, chomping on the little chocolate bar that cost them $2.41?  I immediately grabbed a fiver out of my pocketbook and scrawled a hand-written note apologizing profusely for my screw-up and sent it off.

Aghast, panicky, I didn’t know how to make amends to the other potential recipients of “postage due” mailings from me. So, here I go with another brilliant idea! I ordered 40 Starbucks gift cards of $5 value each and am going to mail one to each of the previous recipients. I am hoping this will make up for my idiotic hair-brained idea of mailing chocolates in a regular envelope!

By the way, if you received a “postage-due” letter from me, give me a call! I’ve got a Starbucks coffee for you on the house!

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