Mid-Bay Musings

It dawned on me today driving across the Mid-Bay Bridge that I end up in a reverie each time I cross it.  During my morning or evening commute from Bluewater Bay to Destin, I go through a similar mental routine.  First, my eyes gaze at the water of Choctawhatchee Bay. Is it dark and grey, like today, reflecting the cloud-laden sky, is it a deep blue, dotted with whitecaps during a choppy day, or is it a blue-green, with sailboats and speedboats zig-zagging about? After the water and the sky, I glance at the horizon. If it’s near sunset, such dazzling colors can appear, from a burnt-siena to fiery orange or violet and yellow, that it’s almost a hazard to driving. Who hasn’t tried to snap a photo of a dusky sky (as a passenger) crossing the Mid-Bay Bridge? Occasionally, at night, the moon and stars and planets put on a different show.

Coming south to Destin, I look for the American flag at Legendary Marine. The pole is 150′ tall, towering over the building and is a landmark nowadays. I think they have at least three versions. One is enormous, it looms over the horizon, the other two are smaller. I look at the flag to see which direction the wind is blowing and how strong. On a rare day, the flag and pole can look as one, with no wind.  The water then is a perfect mirror.  Near the top of the bridge, my mind goes to loved ones. I may call my husband, or my brother, or a friend. Invariably, when I call my husband, I’ll say “I’m at the top of the bridge” or “I’m about at the toll booth”.  I am usually listening to Sirius XM and depending on my mood, I change the station as I approach Niceville, home, or Destin – work, gym and fun.  It’s relaxing and also preparatory, depending on which direction I am going. Crossing the Mid-Bay Bridge takes perhaps 12 minutes.  That’s enough time for a pause and a meditation.

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