Don’t Ruin Your Credit with FALSE Short Sale Info

Yesterday I received a phone call from an elderly seller who wanted to do a short sale.  She had bought a waterfront condo in Destin four years ago, and paid over $800,000.  Today, the unit is worth around $350,000.  Mrs. Seller told me she had three “friend” investors convince her to buy, who promised to help with the payments.  She put down $50,000 and her son put down $75,000, but she took the mortgage in her name alone.  She told me the “investors” bailed, and had never made one payment.  Mrs. Seller said she had “had enough” so needed to do a short sale.  She stopped making her mortgage payments three months ago, and her lender was threatening foreclosure.

Mrs. Seller is in her late 70’s, in ill health and has had major surgeries recently.  Her voice shook as she spoke with me.  I told her I would send her my preliminary paperwork including a financial worksheet for her to fill out, as I could tell her medication was preventing her from speaking coherently.

Later on, she called back, asking how she could list the unit.  I had not faxed her a listing agreement.  I told Mrs. Seller, “I want to see if you have a hardship before we list as a short sale”.

The conversation then proceeded like this:

Mrs. Seller: ” Well, I don’t have a hardship.”

Wendy, shocked: “You have sufficient income to pay your bills?”

Mrs. Seller: “Yes”

Wendy: “You are including the payment for the condo?”

Mrs. Seller: “Yes”

Wendy: “You are not taking money out of savings or charging a credit card to make payments?”

Mrs. Seller: “No”

Wendy: “Then WHY did you stop making your mortgage payments?”

Mrs. Seller, sadly: “Someone told me I had to stop making payments, then I could do a short sale


Mrs. Seller: “I don’t remember.”

Wendy: “Well, Mrs. Seller, it seems you don’t have a hardship and you are probably not qualified to do a short sale.”

Mrs. Seller: “OH NO, I’ve ruined my credit for nothing!”

This is a very sad story. An elderly person probably had a friend say they “heard” somewhere you had to simply stop making mortgage payments, then you “qualify” for a short sale! This is FALSE information. Banks have several criteria you must meet.  And many banks have different rules. People, do not make serious financial decisions based on hearsay.  Do your research!  If you are contemplating a short sale.  Contact your lender first, to see if they can help you.  If not, find an experienced real estate agent who specializes in short sales.  Check them out on the internet.  Test their knowledge.  Use caution.

Finally, don’t make hasty decisions when it comes to your financial well-being.  A short sale is a serious endeavor, and should not be entered into lightly.  Know what you are doing before you proceed.  Then go forward with a real estate agent you trust.

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