Banks Hurting Short Sales in Destin Florida


Since I wrote my last blog post about BANKS CHANGING LOCKS on short sales I have had three more cases of lock changes.  Today it was on an $850,000 home in a secure gated subdivision on 30-A in Santa Rosa Beach, FL.  In fact, just yesterday we received an offer on the property.  The home is currently on a rental program and is regularly and well-maintained.  We found out about the lock change when the seller’s rental company went to change the air conditioner filters today.  There was a note on the door warning that the property had been secured, and NOT to enter.  The deadbolt was changed.  This time the bank was Countrywide who did the dirty work.  Their “property preservation” company would have had to climb over a locked gate to get into the subdivision!  My sign was RIGHT THERE! These cowboys didn’t bother to call.  Nor did they happen to notice the pool fountain as running and the house looked immaculate.  They just CHANGED THE LOCKS.

The number to call they left on the door is just Countrywide’s customer service.  The non-communicative representative had me on hold for 20 minutes, then told me to call another number.  THAT number was just a recording!  This has got to STOP!  How are we going to help the banks by doing THEIR jobs, selling these properties pre-foreclosure, if they put up road blocks?  How many hours do my staff and I have to spend tracking down keys, replacing signs and driving to properties we cannot get in? Not only does it waste our time and money, it COSTS THE BANKS MONEY by paying the property preservation companies for work they SHOULD NOT BE DOING!

Last week I called ASC four days in a row asking for keys to the new lock they changed by GOING PAST MY SIGN!  The house, in Navarre Florida, was maintained, power on, lawn mowed.  ASC’s property preservation department never called me back.  SO my seller changed the locks back himself so we can SELL HIS HOUSE.



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