Bank of America Approves Maravilla, Destin Florida Short Sale in 55 Days

It can happen for you!  Bank of America has approved a Destin short sale in the Maravilla subdivision – in 55 days!  Here is the story:

Property:  Single family home in Maravilla, Destin Florida

Mortgages:  Bank of America (formerly Countrywide) first and second – totalling $800,000

Offer:  about $360,000

Promissory Note:  -0-

Cash Contribution:  -0-

Approval Time:  55 days

Keys to Approval:  Proper pricing, qualified seller, contract with terms acceptable to Bank of America, tenacious follow up

This Destin short sale was processed through Equator, an online system used by Bank of America for short sales.  The seller uploaded her financials in my office.  We uploaded the settlement statement, MLS entry, photo, authorization, and of course, assisted with proper pricing to get this short sale sold. 

If you need to do a Destin Florida, Maravilla short sale, consider hiring an Destin short sale agent.

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