6 Tips for Showing Your “For Sale By Owner” Home in Destin Florida

For Sale By Owner Tips

If you are selling your Destin Florida home yourself, what should you do during a showing?

When you are selling “For Sale By Owner” you would typically be present for a showing, but if you were actually listed for sale with a Realtor, it would be recommended and better if the seller were not present. Why is that? The buyer may be uncomfortable really looking at the property, for example, opening a closet to check its size or moving aside a shower curtain in the bathroom to look at the tub. Why? Because the buyer may feel funny and may not want to offend the homeowner.  Another reason that sellers are asked not be present is because the buyers feel more comfortable being honest about the house to their agent, in confidence. In this way, the Realtor can help guide the buyer and answer objections about the property.  Finally, the more people present for a showing the more distracting it is. Talking also should be kept to a minimum. Why? Because talking and “selling” interferes with a buyer’s own thoughts, like about placement of furniture, imagining how it would feel living in the house, how rooms would function with different family members, etc.

So, what can you do if you are a “For Sale By Owner” in Destin Florida and you have no choice but to be home during a showing?  Follow these tips for your best chance of success:

  1. Act more like a good real estate agent, and don’t talk too much. Let the buyer “think”.
  2. Don’t oversell. You don’t really know the buyer.  Let the property sell itself and just answer questions.
  3. Let the buyer’s actions be your guide. Let them linger in the kitchen if that’s what interests them.
  4. Don’t block the room. When the buyer is in the master bedroom, stay by the door. The room will look bigger, plus, it’s a private space that you want the buyer to picture as his own.
  5. Don’t make assumptions.  Sometimes quiet buyers are very serious. The same goes for “fast” buyers that go quickly from room to room.
  6. At the end of the showing, remind the buyers how to get in touch with you if they have any questions.

For more tips on selling your Destin Florida home, give me a call.

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