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The other day a mortgage broker came in to my Destin real estate office to discuss his products. After some small talk, he asked what my corporate culture was. “What do you mean?”, I asked.  He said, “You can just tell when you walk in the door of some companies, what they are about”.  I figured he might mean water-cooler talkers or mostly retired agents discussing  their tennis games (not that there is anything wrong with that).  My office?

I responded the most important thing to my real estate business was its reputation and ethical conduct helping our clients.  We also talked about the difference between successful sales people and those not so successful.  Some essential philosophies, or “cultural” attributes, of a successful real estate agent, I told him, are:

1.       “You cannot put the pen in someone’s hand and make him sign.” My first office manager told me that over twenty years ago. That means, you cannot make a buyer or seller do anything.  Nor should you want to.  That’s not the way to garner happy clients, return customers and referrals.  If they don’t want to buy or sell the house, the condo, the lot, then they don’t. Plus, it’s just wrong.

2.       “You should not “insert” yourself into the sales transaction.” Agents who get emotional and take things personally, as if they themselves were the buyer or seller, lose the objectivity needed to best help their clients and find solutions to problems.

3.       “Move on.” If you lose a sale, ok, you are allowed to get upset. For one hour.  Maybe even a day. But the longer it takes you to get over lost business, the more time it will take to help the next person. Don’t cling to a sale that died, or one that should!  Say good-bye to a customer who didn’t want your help, and help someone else.

My discussion with the mortgage broker was more than a chit-chat.  It was a review of innate qualities of good sales people.  There are more.  Some can be taught, and some can’t.

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