Selling a Lot in Walton County Florida is More Than Sticking A Sign In The Ground

I’m about to list a waterfront lot in Walton County, Florida.  It’s on a rare Coastal Dune Lake.  (Whenever you speak of “Coastal Dune Lake” in Florida, the word “rare” usually accompanies it.)  Yesterday, I walked the lot for the first time. The sellers are not local, so I went by myself, a bit furtively, so the neighbors would not think anything was amiss.  It was breathtaking strolling down to the water’s edge.  There were mature trees and cleared underbrush.  I could see someone loving this setting for their new home.

Now my research begins on price and preparation for putting the lot on the market.  Here are some of the steps involved:

  • What is the lot size? Does seller have a survey? YES!
  • What marks the lot boundaries? A certain tree? An iron pin? A fence?
  • Who maintains the road? This particular road is not paved. Do the owners have a road maintenance agreement, does no one maintain it (this happens in Florida), or does Walton County? Walton County has a link on their website that shows publicly maintained streets. When in doubt, call Walton County Public Works.

  • Is public water or sewer available and hooked up? If not, what would be the cost to hook up? These are called “tap” fees.
  • Is there an existing septic tank and well? If so, where are they located?
  • There’s an old mobile home on the lot. Will the sellers be removing it prior to the sale?
  • Are there wetlands on the property? Better yet, does the seller have a wetlands or environmental study? Preliminary wetlands research can be done on the Walton County GIS website.

  • What is the zoning for the property? Is it subdividable? You can also find out on the Walton County GIS website.
  • What is the FEMA flood zone of the property?
  • Is the property in a Coastal Dune Lake Protection Zone? If so, what are the building restrictions?
  • Is there a Homeowners Association? What are the costs? Is membership in the association required or voluntary? If there is an HOA, what are the rules and regulations?
  • Are there covenants and restrictions? Ask the seller, check public records on Walton County Clerk of Courts, or ask the existing HOA.

  • Who owns the property on either side of the lot? Is it improved, that is, with a house or structure on it, or is it “green space”?
  • Who owns the property across the lake on the other side? There appear to be only trees, but could this be developed? (A buyer might ask).
  • What are the nearby amenities, public parks, beach accesses, and future plans?

This is just the beginning of my research for my Walton County, Florida, lot seller. With these answers, the listing will be properly prepared for its introduction to the market. Then I won’t have to sneak around!


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