Is Being “Good to Work With” Key to Short Sale Approvals?

I was stunned and delighted to receive this email from a Bank of America VA short sale negotiator:

Hey Wendy,

I was able to push through the approval much faster than normal.  You have been very good to work with so wanted to do what I could to get it approved.   🙂   Thanks!

WOW!  It was exactly 30 days after sending in the short sale package to Bank of America, that my Crestview Florida listing was approved.  It was a VA Compromise Short Sale, so those must be faxed in versus using Equator.  I did have luck on my side, as the property had an existing VA appraisal that was still in effect from earlier this year.  (In case you didn’t know, VA appraisals for compromise sales are good for six months.) And I knew exactly what net Bank of America needed to make the sale happen.  We did not load up closing costs for the short sale lender to pay.  Why waste time and submit something you know will be kicked out?

To be honest, I think this negotiator liked my responsiveness.  He preferred to communicate by email, and I whip out responses so fast it can be shocking.  I guess he liked that, too.

Anyway, next time you are negotiating your short sale- it’s something to think about.  Are you “Good to work with?” And is that the key to short sale approvals?

It’s Wendy!

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