Hurricane Preparedness from a Destin Floridian

 Hurricane preparedness
Hi, my East Coast friends! We are all worried about Hurricane Irene, and the possibility you will be impacted.  I have family in Connecticut, Maryland and New Jersey, and real estate  friends from all over the Eastern seaboard. You may not have gone through  a major hurricane in your lifetime.  Since I have lived in Destin Florida for the past 16 years, I have experienced several. 

Here is my urgent hint list for hurricane preparedness.

PETS: Cats, dogs, snakes, parakeets?  Make sure you have carriers for them  if you have to evacuate.  Get any extra medication or tranquilizers for car trips.  Map out a hotel that accepts pets if you need to go.  Many LaQuinta hotels accept pets.

INSURANCE: Take photos of all your belongings and download to a CD or thumb drive. Open drawers and closets. Photograph contents. You may need these for insurance claims if your property is damaged.

IMPORTANT PAPERS: Gather up your wills, powers of attorney or any legal document that may not be readily accessible online. Have ready in a pouch to evacuate.

ICE: If you have an automatic ice maker in your freezer, empty it and/or turn it  off.  If not, it will be melted all over your floor if you lose power for more than a day.

PERISHABLES:  Limit perishables in your refrigerator or freezer.  You will have to discard if you lose safe temperatures in them.

PROJECTILES: Bring in your lawn chairs, tables, wind chimes, real estate signs, etc.  Prevent them from becoming airborn projectiles into your home or a neighbors.

HOTEL: Make reservations now if you are in a threat zone.  Hotels may be booked for hundreds of miles around you. 

GAS: Fill your car up with gas now.

PLYWOOD: I am not technical, but consider protecting your windows by covering with plywood. I’ve seen masking tape in an “X” on windows, but am not sure how much that helps.

MEDICATIONS: Get your refills now.

COMPUTERS:  Back up your systems to a hard drive or bring them with you. Check out Acronis software to make a mirror image of your computer.

If you have not gone through a hurricane before, please take it seriously. I’ve had my Florida friends and relatives with water up to their ceilings, actively leaking roofs, damage through windows from flying objects.  I always evacuate if a hurricane is a Category 3. Always.  It is not just a little windstorm.

If you have survived a hurricane add your hints here. Take care, my friends.

It’s Wendy!

Wendy Rulnick, Broker, Rulnick Realty, Inc.

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