How Instant Messenger Can Help Your Business

Do you own a business?  Is communicating difficult between so many phone calls?  When you are on the line, and an important message comes in, how do they let you know without interrupting?


IM stands for “Instant Messaging“.  It is direct communications between users over the internet via text.   Some popular IM software for computers includes Windows Live Messenger, AIM Messenger, and Yahoo Messenger.  I use Windows Live… well, because I always have. 

Instant Messaging Each of my team members at my Destin real estate office has a log-in id, and I can have private communications with several at once, or invite “others” to the message window.  This is very convenient, as I can notify my team of important info quickly.  In the morning before I get to the office, my team IM’s me any messages, and I IM back any action needed. Or, if I am on the phone, they can IM me that someone has stopped in to see me, or an important call is waiting.  Since my office is upstairs, and my team is downstairs, this is even more useful.  No shouting necessary.

You can also get creative with IM.  You can share photos.  For example, I was picking out a table for the office, and sent the photo through IM to my assistant to get her “instant” thoughts.  You can also send voice clips. 

If you want to have “fun” (much needed in real estate), you can send emoticons to express yourself and you can change your avatar hairstyle and clothes, even adding a cup of coffee and backgrounds.  I know it sounds silly, but it adds some levity to the day. 

Instant MessagingInstant MessagingInstant Messaging Anyway, if you haven’t tried IM, check it out.  You might find you cannot live without it.

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