HAP Private Sale – Silver Oaks, Crestview, Florida – Just Sold

This beautiful home on Shire Lane in Silver Oaks, Crestview Florida just sold.  The home had impeccable upkeep. It was 2751 square feet, four bedrooms, two full baths and two car garage. The landscaping was outstanding. The sale price was $218,000.

This home sold as an Eglin Air Force Base HAP Private Sale.  HAP (Homeowners Assistance Program) is a program which assists U.S. military service members relocating to new bases, called PCS (permanent change of station).  In these cases, the service member’s mortgage exceeds the market value due to home values declining.  Under certain circumstances, HAP will cover the mortgage loss.  With a HAP Private Sale, the government reimburses the military service member after closing for the loss, including closing costs up to 3% for conventional loans.  The service member would bring funds to closing to cover the deficit between the contract net and the mortgage balance.  HAP would reimburse based on 90% of the original sale price plus improvements. 

With a HAP Augmented Sale (also called Government Aquisition), HAP will cover the loss at closing not to exceed the mortgage payoff.  You can see that the HAP Private Sale will help the service member recoup more of their losses.  HAP Private Sale is not an option for all service members, since the mortgage deficiency may be significant, and they would have to initially cover the loss with their own funds, while waiting for reimbursement.

For help with your Eglin Air Force Base or Hurlburt Field HAP sale, contact an experienced real estate agent specializing in HAP, VA compromise sales and short sales.

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