Finding the Right Property Takes Detective Work – Destin, Florida

I always said that in another life I would be a detective. Well, sometimes being a real estate agent is like being a detective.  To help different types of buyers in Destin, Florida requires varying degrees of investigative work.  Here are some examples of recent “cases”.

Cold Case – Buyer #1   He lives out of state, doesn’t know the Emerald Coast, and sends me an email: “Are homes going over or under list price?  I am starting to look at the area.”  I ask, “What area?”  There are dozens of markets around Destin, Florida. “What type of property? House or condo? What price range?”  This general buyer just starting to look doesn’t know what he wants.  He’s a harder puzzle to solve. He’s not ready to buy. I ask questions, but this file goes into the cold case folder until I get answers.

Hot on the Trail – Buyer #2  He knows exactly what he wants. It is a specific Destin condo complex, and it must be a two-bedroom unit facing west with sunset views.  I have an investigative method to help this buyer.  I set up an online search, notify my real estate colleagues, make phone calls, post needs on private Realtor websites, and keep an eye on that complex. I might even send letters to the condo owners or check expired listings to see if any unit meets the requirements for Buyer #2. I stay hot on the trail.

Mystery Case – Buyer #3  I am given clues.  This buyer wants a second home that can be rented out occasionally. It will eventually be a retirement home.  It must be no more than four bedrooms in a less congested area of Destin, Miramar Beach or Santa Rosa Beach. The house must be remodeled or newer. It would be nice if the home were in a gated subdivision, and even better if it had a little land. If the home had a stylish quirkiness to it, that would be a plus. The price range is $1.5 to $2 million.

I must use honed detective skills to help this buyer.  I have to scout out subdivisions that allow rentals, but have a primary residence “feel”. Many of the second home or primary residence gated subdivisions around Destin do not allow short term rentals, so I will eliminate those. I have to find a house that has a bigger lot (over a quarter-acre to a half-acre is considered a bigger lot). I have to find homes in a less congested traffic zone (not easy in Destin, Florida). And finally, I must analyze all the photos of the potential listings to know what condition the home is in, and even check it out in person, to see if it has a suitable quirkiness to excite my buyer.

The detective work in finding the right property is actually fun. Each case is different. Some are more challenging than others. Sometimes clues point me in the right direction fast, or it  may be a false trail.  I often use my intuition, but my ears are always attuned to gathering more information.

As for tomorrow, I don’t know what will come across my desk, but with street smarts, experience, and creativity – the case should be closed.



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