How Feedback Sold a House in 3 Days in Destin Florida

When I list a home in Destin Florida or anywhere on the Emerald Coast, one thing I do as a listing agent is follow up on any showings. What does that mean? Whenever an agent shows one of my listings, I send them an email asking for “feedback” and if they have any questions. There are a few reasons I do that for my listings.  The first is that I can find out for my seller the public response to their real estate offering, so that if there is anything we can fix, we do. Sometimes you can fix an issue by a repair, other times by price. For example, “the home was dark”. This could be as simple as making sure the blinds are open before showings. “The home felt cramped.”  If that’s a repeated comment, we can remove furniture.  Feedback can also be about something that cannot be fixed, such as a location challenge, like a home backing up to commercial property, having a poor lot, cost-prohibitive structural repairs, etc.  We also may hear that the price is too high compared to other homes. What we get is a feel for is the market perception of the property and the price. I always send the feedback to my sellers so they understand, and we are working as a team to get their property sold.  Any objection can be overcome by proper pricing. If there is any confusion about the offering, I can also change my presentation to better explain nuances to buyer’s agents. For example, I add information for further clarity to MLS descriptions if there are repeated similar questions from buyer’s agents.  I wouldn’t learn these things unless I asked for “feedback”.  That’s what helps me sell real estate.

My most recent example of successful follow up leading to a sale was a few days ago. The buyer’s agent responded to my feedback inquiry by saying her buyer mentioned making an offer that was fairly low, so he didn’t think it was worth writing it up.  I said, “Hold on, let me relay this to my seller!”  I asked and the Destin seller was actually open to receiving an offer in the price range mentioned, although it seemed low and the property was recently put on the market.  I encouraged the agent to write the offer – and guess what? We are now under contract! If I hadn’t solicited feedback from that buyer’s agent, she would have moved on, the buyer would have lost a great home purchase in Destin, Florida and my seller would have lost, as well.

There are some real estate agents who never ask for feedback. They think it’s a waste of time and that no unsolicited comments from the buyer’s agent just means the house wasn’t right for those particular buyers. I’ve also heard that some listing brokers feel it sounds “desperate” to ask for feedback, or so I’ve been told by previous sellers.  I could not disagree more.  Reaching out for feedback is the first step in finding a meeting of the minds, improving a property’s presentation, proper pricing and getting a handle on the market. What is the result? SOLD in three days!

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