Eagles Landing Crestview Florida – Bank of America Short Sale Approved

Crestview Florida short sales

This Eagles Landing short sale at 781 Majestic Boulevard was just approved in Crestview Florida.  It was a tedious process because the investor for the mortgage was Ginnie Mae USDA.  Here are the details:Mortgage Holder:Bank of AmericaOriginal Mortgage:appr $135,000Current Market Value:appr $65,000Other Liens: Yes

Time for Approval: 4.5 months

Notes: This short sale process was lengthy. Why?  Bank of America does not handle its Ginnie Mae USDA short sales in Equator, their online processing platform. In addition, only a few negotiators at Bank of America are qualified to handle these type of files.  The Ginnie Mae requirements are onerous.  The package for Ginnie Mae consists of standard financial documents PLUS the following:

1. Verification of Information and Occupancy on a special form

2. The listing agreement MUST contain the following EXACT verbiage: “Seller may cancel this agreement prior to the ending date of the listing period without advance notice to the broker and without payment of a commission or any other considerations, if the property is conveyed to the mortgage insurer or the mortgage holder.”

3. Current, Non-Expired copy of MLS listing

4. Request for Pre-Foreclosure Sale and Affidavit (2 pages)

5. Purchase Contract with the following EXACT verbiage: “Sale is contingent upon the seller obtaining prior written approval of Bank of America”

Another cumbersome part of a Ginnie Mae short sale is that electronic signatures are disallowed.  That means documents must be faxed or scanned, which takes more time than e-signatures.

What about the “other lien”? It was a homeowners association outstanding balance of about $5000.  Ginnie Mae only agreed to pay $4000, but that amount was accepted as settlement in full by the HOA.

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