Destin Realtor Finds Docusign – And Doesn’t Look Back

Destin real estate companyI am usually on the tech edge.  As a Destin Realtor, I’ve found that buzzing on social networks, blogging using WordPress and Activerain, and promoting my listings all over the internet is a great way to run a business. I also like using software that adds efficiency and pizzazz, and I’ve learned about many of these from my partner, Bryant Tutas.  Some examples are Scribd, Pdfill, Picasa, etc.  But there was something I was missing, and I recently found it… Docusign!  I might have been late to the Docusign game, but I am a full blown fanatic now.

What is Docusign?  It’s a program that facilitates the use of electronic signatures to sign documents online. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? I think I shied away from it because I wasn’t sure if it was legal. Or maybe – because the idea of e-signatures seemed radical to me!  For my first objection, “Is it legal?”, here is the FTC’s Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act of 2001 (also called ESIGN).  The ESIGN Act states that electronic signatures “may not be denied legal effect, validity, or enforceability solely because it is in electronic form”.  In 2010, Congress re-affirmed the use of e-signatures by making June 30 “National ESIGN Day”.

My second objection – that Docusign seems “radical”, was quickly overcome by trying it out.  If you are at all computer savvy, and can fill in a form, you can figure out how to use Docusign.  Basically, you upload the PDF you want signed into the program, (for example, a real estate offer).  Then you drag icons from a menu to indicate where your customer will sign, initial, date, or even add terms.  After doing so, you email it to your customer.   He can pick an online signature image to use as his own after he agrees to do business electronically.  The software will guide him through the document, so all he does is “read and click”. When he has finished signing, you get an email notice, and can pick up the document online, or forward it to someone.  Docusign allows multiple signers, like husband and wife, or even “you” if you must sign a VA, FHA or lead paint addendum. You can even sign on an iPad or cell phone.

What was my customer response to Docusign? Cartwheels! One seller even requested Docusign after we “accidentally” sent him an addendum without using it.  He said, “Can’t you Docusign it to me?”  What does it do for the customer? Convenience. They don’t have to find a printer and fax machine.  They cannot miss an initial. The program brings them to the right spots! How many contracts have you had returned with missing signatures? This time, the only way it can mess up is if you do. 

What’s the cost?  Too cheap to pass up at $14.99 a month for unlimited emails. (No, I do not work for Docusign).  I am telling you all this because I am very excited about how this product has changed my business. My team loves it.  Everything is speeded up.  My customers love it. It’s convenient.  Most short sale lenders accept e-signatures, too. 

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t wait for ten years like I did to get with the program!

It’s Wendy!

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