Deep Water Horizon Oil Rig Explosion – We Are On The Shore. Waiting.

If you don’t know – there was a major oil spill from the Deep Water Horizon drilling rig on April 20.  It is in the Gulf of Mexico and all over the news.  The oil is headed for Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and maybe Northwest Florida.  It might eventually hit the Florida Keys and perhaps move up the East Coast.  Precautions are being taken, British Petroleum (BP), the government, fishermen and citizen volunteers are trying to stop all the leaks and remove the oil.  That’s not why I am writing.  You can read that information all over the news.

I live here in Destin Florida.  Maybe some would say I should not post this on a public forum, as it might hurt real estate sales.  Well, heck, I think Google caught wind of the oil spill already.

I am writing because we are worried.  OK, we’re scared.  The fisherman, the rental companies, the restaurants, the home cleaners, the retail shops.  People are reading the news and cancelling their vacations.  A lot of people.  Can I blame them?  I might do the same.  OK, the oil is not here yet, but it could come here.  There are a lot of unknowns.

So, what are we doing?  We are waiting and working and volunteering and contributing, and hoping for the best.  We are hoping the leaks will be capped, the detergent and burning and hay and hair will work.  We are hoping as few creatures as possible will be affected by the spill.  We are hoping life as we know it won’t change.  But mostly we wait.

Thank you for waiting and hoping with us.

Okaloosa County Daily Situation Report

Santa Rosa County Oil Spill Information

Walton County Spill Updates

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