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Choosing Your Destin Real Estate Seller, Buyer or Agent

Pick Destin Realtor

People who buy and sell Destin Florida residential real estate are generally emotional. I don’t blame them. So am I (which you can tell from reading my new home purchase journey). It is typically one of the largest monetary transactions of anyone’s life.  The process can take from  one month to a year. There is a relationship between the real estate seller or buyer and his real estate agent. If the relationship is not solid from the start, consideration should be given to severe the ties. As I recently wrote, one of the biggest elements in a successful buyer or seller to agent relationship is trust.

Last week I had two diametrically opposed experiences with Destin real estate sellers. One of my Kelly Plantation sellers met with me and discussed my marketing, and was highly complimentary  of my visual tours of his Kelly Plantation home for sale. He said his friends told him the photos were even nicer than the house.  The other new seller asked why her virtual tour was not already online six hours after listing and cancelled our agreement.  I said “fine”.  In any business, when the relationship starts out unrealistically, it normally continues to degrade.  I have rarely had this happen in my 30+ years of real estate because you can normally tell what type of relationship it is before listing.

One of my recent favorite sellers? Here is what they told me last week when I listed their Swift Creek short sale home in Niceville Florida, “Wendy, we’ll be ready for you at a moment’s notice. You can have agents text us directly for showings to save time. Tell us what to fix and it will be done… We will move heaven and earth.” Now this is a cooperative seller. She is part of the team made up of the real estate agent and the seller or buyer. Those are the type I of clients I like.

It’s Wendy!

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