Advice for New Real Estate Agents in Destin Florida

New Real Estate agent

I recently got an email from a past Destin Florida real estate client who just got her real estate license.  She asked me for a few pointers to get started in the real estate business. Here is my response:

Good for you!  Pointers:

1. Individuate YOURSELF (is that a word?)  Don’t rely on your real estate company brand to become your BEST SELF.  In the end, the people hire the person (that they TRUST, not the company).

2. You don’t have to know all the answers. People appreciate honesty. Anyone that knows all the answers might be too slick.  You don’t even have to always say “I don’t know, but I’ll find out”.  That brings me to this…

3. Not every objection needs to be countered. “YES, the ROOM IS SMALL!”. Duh!!!

4. Use online marketing to promote yourself. Social media, Facebook, Twitter, GOOGLE+ (big one), Blog, your OWN website, Pinterest, etc.

5. Pick a neighborhood and farm it regularly. That means write about it online, mail to it, etc., You get the picture.

6. Just starting out? Ask to do some open houses for fellow agents if you don’t have any listings. You may get buyers and sellers that way.

7. Look at real estate as a business. You wake up every day “unemployed” unless you get a JOB EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

That’s it for now 🙂 Good luck!

By the way, Rulnick Realty is looking for experienced agents to join our team.  If you are independent, ethical, professional and your reputation is of the utmost importance to you, contact me for a confidential interview!

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