201 Matties Way, Kelly Plantation, Destin FL – Just Sold

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This lovely home at 201 Matties Way, Kelly Plantation, Destin, Florida just sold!  The contract date was June 4, and the property closed on June 20, 2014, just two weeks later. There were multiple offers after the price was reduced from $639,000 to $599,900. The selling price was $603,000.

What should you do if you have multiple offers on your Kelly Plantation Destin Florida property? There are a few ways to handle that situation. Here is an overview:

1. You can accept one of the offers. That’s right. Just because you have multiple offers does not mean you have to engage all of them.

2. You can reject all offers. Again, you are not required to do a thing when you receive an offer. Of course, it would be nice to respond, but it is not necessary.

3. You can counter-offer one of the offers.  Let’s say there is an offer on your Kelly Plantation home that is significantly higher or has better terms, such as “cash” or a quicker closing date. The other offer is just unreasonable and has too many hurdles.  You can just negotiate with the offer you find more attractive.

4. You can ask for the “highest and the best” from all parties.  This tends to be my favorite advice.  Why? Because the buyer with the lower offer and “mess” of terms will sometimes “snap to it” and really come up and simplify his offer.  It doesn’t always work like that, though. Some buyers are nervous when there are multiple offers and don’t want to be involved in a “bidding war”. When you counter offer with “highest and best”, are you, the seller, prevented from disclosing terms you want or even what the other offer is? Nope. You are in charge. You can advise your Kelly Plantation listing agent as you see fit.

Do you have questions about selling your Kelly Plantation, Destin Florida home? Give me a call or send me an email.

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